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Sunday, 29 January 2012

RE-IN-CREATION - Series 2 - Part 2 - Language of Light



Communication! It is the Language of the Universe. A language that is not confined and restricted in limitations of words. It is colour, sound, tones, vibration, frequency, movement, music, light, and feelings. It is the radiance personified in the Glory of Who We Are. This Language is all encumbering, all directional, all dimensional, multi levelled and multi-layered. It is instantaneous and totally comprehendible all in an instant. It has no boundaries or limitations. It is the Language of the Angels and Higher Realms of the Universes and Galaxies. It cannot be distorted or misrepresented. It is Honourable and stands on Its own Integrity. It is the Voice of Home. The Voice of the All That Is! The blank is the expression of the Language, indicating that it is formless. It is Emptiness, the centre of All in All.


The Language Of Light is a gateway, an opening to other dimensions. It is the bridge to which you are seeking your enlightenment. It will provide direct communication and travel processes back and forth into other dimensions. Particularly those of Lemuria and Atlantis which is very much a part of your present consciousness levels of communication, but it is not limited to there or anywhere.. The work in these areas are not yet complete, why else would you be asked to re visit and transmute the energies that created so much confusion and mistrust. The energies of these areas of Atlantis and Lemuria and many others, like Mesopotamia are required to complete their transformational processes before the overall consciousness of the planet can move into the higher realms of the next dimensional shift.

When you become aware of the Language of Light and how it is used to communicate, then it provides an important key in the transformational process of ascension. The Language is processed through feelings that in turn allow the conscious mind to Unite with Pure Consciousness or God beyond your perceived separation. By processing this Language, and you all know how to do this, you will discover many aspects of your Self that you are presently unaware of. You can remember by simply using your feelings and quieting your active minds.

Symbols are another form of this Sacred Voice. You remember symbols because they are written into your DNA coding. They are very powerful and can assist in the transmutation of energies through their invocation. Symbols can transport one between other dimensions and realities. Combinations of symbols can be extremely omnipotent. They can of course be both constructive and destructive depending of the activational intent of the user. Energy is neither positive or negative, Pure Consciousness is neither positive or negative so has no vested interest in the outcome. It is only the user who does this. As you are programmed with symbols within your DNA, once you see them again with your minds eye, you instantly recognise their importance for you. You may understand their power or meaning, yet, be aware and recognise that their truth shall be felt intuitively through your feelings.   

Generally the symbols that mean most to you, you will keep on seeing, such as 11:11 for example, or you will use constantly on your journey. Don’t take symbols lightly for they have the potential to change realities. The Creation of this world and all worlds come from sacred geometrical designs. In humanities case it is the Flower of Life Blueprint! Your process of thinking will recall the process of activation. Remember this! Your Higher Consciousness can only bring in the more powerful symbols as you recognise your worth and give permission for It to do so. An example of travelling inter- dimensionally through the use of symbols is the TV Series Stargate SG1. Not so much for the technology, although the technology is also a reality in other Universes, it is more the use of sequential programming that breaks down barriers and removes the separations of time and space from One’s Reality. The principals are the same that of God’s Universal Law’s, the use and formats are different. Hieroglyphs in ancient times is a form of this Language of Light. Limited only by the interpretation thereof. I shall repeat this. Symbols are only as powerful and responsive as to the power, responsiveness, centredness and stability of the user. Clear and focused thought forms will create precision and accuracy of the intention. Symbols Of Light are Sacred items and must at all times, to attain their potentials , be honourable and respectful. The same can be said about the Language. This information will not become clear and potent until the vessels of the human activator is empty and filled with the Sacredness of that place we call Divine Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace. The Language is now available to assist you in the transmutation of old thinking into new, by way of pockets of consciousness that stand by awaiting your desire to tap into these higher levels of awareness. It is there to be used to find the Centre of Emptiness.

A point of awareness! You are now moving into Energy fields that are more creative and responsive that ever before known on this planet. The responsibility has been entrusted to you by you and only you can decide when you are ready to step into this Grandness. Once you do you will see sites never before seen here, have feelings never before experienced in the realms of human consciousness and attain what once was considered the impossible dream, that of ascension while holding onto the human body. The Human Angel is now beginning its final stages of manifestation on the planet now. Individuals have done this before but only very few indeed. Now the potential is for all human beings to attain this for themselves, a whole planetary system at once. Feel the Glory of such a feat. Feel the power and fullness of what this represents. Congratulations, this is what it is like to feel Empty, FULL ISN’T IT! Smiling within your Love.



Saturday, 28 January 2012

RE-IN-CREATION Series 2 Part 1

Part 1

My Holy Desire Is To Know God!

We are all meant to shine in this world; all Children of God have this Light within them. We were born to make manifest the Glory of Life, that, which is innately anchored within each Divine Heart and Soul of mankind. It is the birth right of every single human being to Shine this Light - without exception! As we allow our own Inner Lights to shine, we unconsciously or consciously, give others the opportunity to accept and shine their own Lights - and not a single word ever need be spoken. As we liberate ourselves from our own fears, the simplicity of our Presence can automatically liberate others towards a boundless freedom. It was the Divine Creator’s Plan for each human being never to be self defeating, only self expanding. So why are we so unaware of what our Higher Truths can reveal to us? It is because we continue to project our creations outside of ourselves without the true knowledge of where the Power to create comes from. What we give our attention to, receives our energy. That which receives our energy we create. In short, what we think is what we create.

These are simple Universal Laws that no-one is above or outside of, at any level. But when we are fully aware of the process we are then capable of creating in a much more positive way than a negative one. Our lives carry many fears and these are for many reasons, yet the most truthful one is, that we do not understand our own abilities to Create. We have the power already, but we do not know that or how to activate it. The fact is we do it every second of ever day, but without direction and the Purity of Consciousness how can we ever move away from the creations of our lives that no longer serve us. Within our Heart Centers, rests the answers to every question we could ever imagine to ask. They lay patiently in Love, waiting to reveal themselves to us; those Higher Truths of Who We Are.

“Dear God, take me to Your Divine Truth” is my prayer to the Universe and God, for in these simple words I open myself to that which is Pure Consciousness. For that is my Invocation and Intention to Know God. Perhaps the most concise definition I could come up with is this “God is our name for Pure Universal Consciousness”. These words, “Dear God take me to Your Divine Truth” tells the Universe and God that I am willing to open myself to receive the Pure Consciousness of God in the form that will serve me in the most honorable and most efficient way possible, and in accordance with where my consciousness levels are at at any given time. Things like answers to any questions I may have, solutions to any possible problems, the truth about any relationship at any level, even with God Himself/Herself/Itself, it can even highlight the highest goals for me to attain. I would also add that it can also provide information that has not yet been revealed to us and in a way to being new processes to open our minds to greater conscious awareness and understanding. Over the years I have experienced this within my life, many many times, where new information has been presented to me, for me to translate, investigate and experience, so that I may have another choice to change my life again. Change is the very constant that we would do well to give a lot of attention too, for it is when we make changes in our lives, with full awareness and the information that supports them, they can flow without drama and without any fears or consequences.

By invoking God/ Pure Consciousness in this unassuming statement “Dear God take me to Your Divine Truth”, it opens the way for the Highest Truth to tell me what it desires for me to know and not only that, but to present it to me in such a way that it will take the most effective form to get my attention! If God is Everything, then what form It takes makes no difference; It can be a book, a stranger in the park, a dream, a thought, a leaf falling from a tree, an Angel, a stormy sea or even a feeling, God loves communicating through feelings, we can learn a lot through that form of communication. God can communicate with you as a personality, guide or a crowd in fact, or It can come in a way that is most impersonal as you could ever imagine. God will open every channel of communication It can to give you what you desire. God Is the way for opportunities to create Higher Love within one’s life and can do so instantly in thoughts, words and actions, situations, circumstances and all other potentialities. However, the real Power, Strength and alignment to this Pure Consciousness comes when one stops thinking about what they want from an ego perspective and simply allows what this Purity of Consciousness desires for them. This Divine Intelligence in the form of Pure Consciousness is innately present within each of us, and does in fact flow through every cell of our biology. In fact there is nothing in the Universe that does not contain Pure Consciousness or Divine Intelligence. It is All God!

God does not care if you believe It or not, It does not care if you use It in your life or not and even if you do make use of It, It does not care how you use It! Pure Consciousness has no desire and no need, It wants of nothing and It does not set out to seek anything at all, It hold no opinions about anything, It is already complete in Its own Totality. Pure Consciousness is in All Life, from the limitless multi-verses to the tinniest building blocks of life and form. It is everything that one can perceive and can’t perceived, It is here There and Everything in between.

Mankind has been mislead as to what or who God is over the millennia and it is the erroneous forms that have been our definitions for so long that they now need to come to The Light of Truth for all to understand and know through their own experiences. We as human beings have been given the awareness to be able to use this Pure Consciousness of God but before we can positively create with, we must fully understand its design and how it operates. The Universal Laws have always protected these levels of Creation because of the Power that It holds. Mankind can use this Power within the “Essence of God” because we were created in “God’s Image”. Yet the responsibility to use this Power at these levels of Creation, require one to attain certain levels of Pure Consciousness within themselves so as to Create responsibly. We, human beings are now coming into these levels of consciousness because we are aware of ourselves, and aware that we are aware and are able to observe ourselves from outside of ourselves. We are the only species here that can do that! Here lies the foundation to truly being able to come to terms with how we can use Pure Consciousness to Create that which we desire to experience within our lives.

In the next part, Part 2, I am going to touch on the aspects of this Pure Consciousness in relationship to our connections with ourselves. Over the next few parts I wish to truly draw and attract this God Energy into every thought, word and action so we may begin the flow of new thought forms of Who We Are becoming within this Pure Consciousness Life Steam upon Earth.  I wish to invoke the Energies of the Languages of Light so we can understand them more fully!  For me this will direct us further into the knowledge of how we can take another step toward the full embodiment of the Christos Energies and Pure Intelligence. I wish to also open a new line of thought as to how we might truly step more firmly onto the Path of Love through some New Percepts to study so that we make open even wider to Know God.

I wish to discuss what I am calling Re-In-Creation. I have believed for a very long time that we as human beings are directly associated with what we know as the process of reincarnation. Information changes and even what we have perceived as hard and fast rules must change eventually if we are to continue our Evolution as Human Angels upon Earth. Only recently it has been brought to my attention that there is really no such thing as reincarnation, or at least, not in the way we believe. I am open to this potential and I wish to look much deeper into this potential change in understanding Who We Are. So, I now have expanded my own thoughts and stated openly once again, “Dear God Take me to Your Truth” on this potential, so as to allow Pure Consciousness to flow though me. I have always desired to attain for myself the highest understanding of things and made it my life’s work to be the very best I can be. I am always ready and prepared to let go of anything that no longer serves me, this one could be a big one for me?

God can only ever speak with you at your own level of conscious awareness, yet He/She is always Present, waiting to share your next levels of desires, as soon as you place that heartfelt request to Him/Her.

In Divine Love and Light

Peter Melchizedek

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Parable of Hue, Amy and the 2 Mandarins

Hue is representative of the hu - man being, not male or female. But for the purpose of this communication we shall say Hue is a man.

Hue was a very spiritual man. He travelled the world giving seminars, workshops and private consultations, providing his time, resources and vast knowledge so that others may become more aware of themselves and who they are. He changed many people’s lives in his journeys for he indeed had a gift to be able to touch people very deeply, very quickly. People trusted Hue for he was a gentle man and very down to earth even though his knowledge and experiences were sometimes outside the square that most could understand or even want to understand.

Hue had studied metaphysics and ontology very deeply all his life and practiced many untraditional modalities for alternative healing, so that one day he would be able to Serve Humanity full time. Hue was a part time Server and only worked as a Facilitator as he could afford it. All his life he supported his spiritual and healing work through the physical labours of his paid profession. Hue was a carpenter and builder and was able to turn his hand to many facets of life to earn an income when needed.

Hue used this income to facilitate his journeys around the world activating Mother Earth, and working with people who were ready for change within their lives. He was a Master in this Service Work but he never charged for his services or knowledge. He always gave it “free of charge”. In most circles this was frowned upon but in spiritual circles is was in most cases, the norm.

People criticized Hue for this, and time and time again Hue felt the pain of people’s wrath even though it still rang clear within his heart at deeper levels, he knew that this was his life’s mission. People told him that he had low self esteem and that if people couldn’t afford it they should not have it. So much confusion was there, that Hue sort some counselling over this matter. Even the counsellors told him it was his lack of self worth and not feeling good enough that created this feeling in himself.   

Hue knew that he never received much for his time or services and questioned his ethics and morality.  he looked into his integrity for the desire to work this way, but it was all too confusing. After all, all the study he did over the years was easily equivalent to law studies and other honourable and highly paid professions.

He thought, “But how can these people charge 100’s of dollars an hour and I can not make a make dollar. In fact, I have to pay for others to heal their own lives”.

The balance was so far away from Hue’s ability to understand at the time. He had been convinced that indeed he was unworthy. Over time, Hue succumbed to the pressures of his piers and those around him and decided to give his teaching.  So Hue gave away his spiritual teachings and healings for many years and never spoke to anyone about what he loved so much to do within his life. That which used to be his passion, that of being a Huamn Angel in Service to Humanity.

One day, while sitting in his solitude, Hue heard this inner voice come forth from deep within him that said,

“Hue you have come to Earth to be in Service to Humanity and what you have done, giving your time and knowledge away freely, is God’s Law. You have been leading by example Dear One, and that was the Mission I gave you!. To give without expectation of anything in return is the Law of Ten Fold Return. That which you give you receive ten fold” said the Voice.

“So why then am I not receiving, and why do I have to work so hard to be able to give it all away for another’s well being or balance of mind, body and spirit?” Hue asked with a sigh!

“Dear One, money is just energy, and the Law of Ten Fold Return refers to energy. It can be money, but it can also be mowing the grass, washing your car, providing you with a service that you require, such as typing a letter or making you a rainbow blanket. It could be putting you up in a holiday home for a week, or a month, or indeed offering you a connection that allows it all to begin all over again. It could be to build your web site or maintain it as it changes. It could be to support your work in a myriad of ways, so that others all over the world can benefit from your gifts you have to give. What one gives within this law may be returned to you immediately or a year from now, or it may even be in the next life and time.” The Inner Voice denoted.

“But I have known about this law for many years and it has never seemed to balance much within my life or even to a place where I am simply happy in my giving”.  Hue muttered under his breath all deflated.

The Inner Voice returned,

“But that is because you have not aligned this law with your thoughts and understood the full ramifications of it before you placed it in action. Now we speak of the Law of Attraction Dear One. This law states that what you think or give your energy to, is created. So if you do not understand the fullness of these laws, you may be creating in a way that substantiates your negative thoughts. You beloved, have been thinking and indeed working very hard to maintain the belief to be of Service to Humanity, you have to work before and after it to pay for the costs of giving your time and services away ‘free of charge, but that is not all the Truth”.

The penny dropped for Hue, and although he was very spiritual and knew all the laws well, he had missed this simple understanding. So Hue decided to go back to his giving of himself and all his Love and Knowledge to anyone and everyone who came to him or that he was attracted to. Virtually overnight, as if by a miracle Hue was invited to go to America for a 3 month tour and workshops and seminars.  One day, during that time, Hue was running a weekend workshop and on the Friday evening before the weekend, chose to invite the local community for a talk about what his work was all about. To give them a small understanding of how everyone had the ability to change their lives if they understood where their thoughts came from and the meanings of the choices that they chose. That evening Hue was going to speak about how to defined one's questions so they could create the result that desired to know.

The meeting went well and afterwards, while they were all sharing a tea break, a young lady by the name of Amy approached Hue and said,

“Hue, I know I need to do this workshop but I have no money to pay you. I am afraid that because I cannot afford to receive this information that I may never get another opportunity”.

Hue held her hand and said,

”Then you shall come as my guest”.

Amy thanked Hue and the workshop proceeded as usual. So much information was imparted and Hue saw many Lights turn on for those who attended. But he noticed and was mindful of Amy that she seemed to be unresponsive and just sat and observed. It was very emotional at times but this Earth Angel sat poised, writing away and not saying a word. Making note after note, intent on making it all count.

At the end of the Sunday, Amy approached Hue, and with tears in her eyes said,

“Hue, you cannot imagine how much you have changed my life. I am so grateful for all that you have shared and given and I wanted so much to pay you for your time.”

Hue started to speak

“But you don’t……”

Amy put her finger to his lips to stop him.

She continued trying desperately to finish what she was saying, but the words were swallowed up by her tears and emotions.  Hue said nothing and simply waited until she regained herself enough to speak.  She continued

“I laid awake all night trying to work out how I could give you some money. I have nothing to sell and I don’t have a job, and I don’t even know anyone who can lend it to me. I cried myself to sleep knowing that even the first day I can see all my mistakes and am ready to change my life for ever.”

Amy burst into tears again! She had just about regained her composure as she continued.

“I asked God last night to balance this exchange so that I could give you back what you have given to me, for at least the same value. I woke this morning still worried and distressed that this wasn’t fair. You have given all this to me and I have nothing to give in return”.

Amy hesitated, starting to lose herself again, visibly distressed and shaking nearly beyond her control.

"I have nothing Hue, nothing that I can give you in return, I am so sorry. But then while I was washing up this morning I looked up and saw my mandarin tree in my backyard. This year it only beared two fruit for the whole season”.

As Amy spoke she reached into her shoulder bag and brought out these two mandarins.

‘These are all I have and I want you to have them for all that you have done for me.”

Well both Hue and Amy fell into each other’s arms and cried. Hue was so overwhelmed with his gift and knew the pricelessness of these two mandarins. Hue knew from that moment on that he would never place a value on his teachings and offerings again, and he would never turn a single person away, under any circumstance. The balance for the exchange of these energies was complete. One changed life for another. How Grand was that! What value do you place upon what you need in your life and who you are becoming?

There is nothing more priceless in this world than the giving of the Divinity of Love Itself!

Peter Melchizedek


An Open Group Gathering and Sharing

Part 1

As the first part of the new series of transmissions entitled “You Can Change Your Life Too”, we once again look at changing our perception about healing, and what we see within the world around us. Now is the beginning of a new cycle and one that we all may take advantage of as the new energies permeate our Beingness, so that we may find NEW TRUTH or a new perception of what truth is. It is our time now, to travel once again deep within our own Heart Centre for it is here that Our Highest Truths resides.

Truth of course has many levels, yours and mine may differ due to many of one’s life experiences, cultures and religions, or even as simple as what our parents and educational systems have taught us. So truth is truth for each and this can never be used against another, else one shall not be honouring their own. For disrespecting another’s choice of truth is disrespecting self! We search continuously for Higher Truth; that is why we read, travel and work. It is why we educate ourselves by asking questions while seeking the answers, for it never seems that what we ever know is enough. The fact is, it will never be enough for everything is in a constant flux of change as part of Universal Law. While we continue to look outside of ourselves, we will always find something new, but it may not be our Higher Truth. This applies within as well of course, but the Higher Truth we seek here will always be found, for the Divine Heart is where It resides.

We seek outside of our selves because we feel our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, rather that our deepest fear is that we are so powerful beyond measure. It is our Light and not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous, with health and well being? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a Child of the Divine Creator and as He/She only Creates Perfection so then must you BE! Your playing small does not serve the world. You seeing the ills, dis-easements and imbalances around the world and in others, does not serve you or them.

Did you know that Jesus did not heal anyone! This is Truth, he did not. The healing came not from the hand of Jesus but Him seeing them in their Perfection. Jesus’ Truth said that He did not see sickness or imbalance, He saw only Perfection, the Light of Glory of that person as a Child of God held within and in so doing placed around that person that Light of Perfection so that the recipient felt safe to change his/her mind about him/her self and thus create a new truth within. These were seen as miracles but in Truth the miracle was the new belief that the recipient accepted for him/her self! That of being Perfect! Oh Jesus received the credit, and we are told all about His miracles, but this perception or old paradigm thinking, can now be moved aside for a new choice to surface and be changed from the old acclaimed factual accreditations. The vibrational frequencies of humanity’s new group consciousness, now supports Higher Truth and so new potentials have arrived to change our perceptions once again.

There is nothing enlightened about holding your Light within, so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as all children do. We were born to make manifest the Glory of The Supreme Creator that is within each of us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own Inner Light of the Christos Energy Shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. It was the Divine’s Simple Plan that one was never self defeating, only self expanding. Why are we, so unaware of what our Higher Truths have waiting for us? It is because we continue to project our creations outside of ourselves. Within our own hearts, lie all the answers, if we only take the time to go there and today with the support of the Universal Energies of Love that permeate and envelope you, is yet another great opportunity to find your Higher Truth within.

Your freedom lies within you, your healing lies within you, all is but a choice, for while we live as human beings, free will, shall always remain and here perceptions change constantly within the mind. Perception defines the world we see, change our perception and we change our world!

Today you are being invited to once again go deep within your own Blessed Heart, it is suggested that if you ask yourself the question, What Higher Truths do I hold within my Heart, that I may bring into my conscious awareness and my world, for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of those around me?

If you truly are tired of what you see, if you are unable to find clarity in what you feel, by finding a safe and quiet place where you can be alone with God and the Company of heaven that surrounds you, the answers will begin to filter into and through your consciousness. We can if we so choose, as each Higher Truth presents itself to us, write it down, ponder over it. Let it move and vibrate within your feeling body for the feeling is what you need to listen to in making the choices that will begin a new creation for you. You are in charge and you have been given the power of the Divine to create whatever you desire for yourself that will bring happiness, joy, abundance, health, wealth and most of all, Life!

To change one’s perception and belief system, one must live the new information or truth that you receive, so it may become experience. Until this happens it shall only remain information, words, thoughts or feelings and the old perceptions shall remain. They must be implemented to draw the new to you.

It is time Beloved Light Seekers of Truth to continue to raise the vibrations of your truth, to step up to new marks in levels of awareness and bring them into your own life first! If you desire to raise the vibrational frequencies of Love Divine then this shall offer you another opportunity to do so!

Have a wonder filled experience as you seek your own desired changes and remember, you have the Power of the Divine within your own hands to change your future and the future of the world.

Here are two questions to ponder,

1. How do you perceive your life right now?

2. Can you perceive that you can change that which you choose to change?

May Higher Truth Ring within your Hearts and Minds.


No Fees or Charges

There are no fees or charges for these courses, for I believe that sometimes those who actually have no money are the most worthy for what God desires them to know. So they too will be led here and they too shall be given equally all that they desire and can receive for themselves. I believe that Truth is free and therefore information should be free to find that Divine Truth. I have shared my stories, experiences and the knowledge that I have gained over the past 20 years for years based on donations or exchanges of Energy and the most valuable gift I ever received was 2 mandarins. I have written a Parable to share that experience and would be glad to send or post it here if anyone was interested, all you need to do is ask of you can visit this parable on the link here

The Parable of Hue, Amy and The Two Mandarins

Continuing on, I have found that over the last 20 years few people have truly understood the Law of Giving and Receiving or that of the Law of Energy Exchange and so because I did not have the funds to continue what I had to give, I had to stop what I was sharing and subsidize my spiritual work in a more practical way. I was a builder, a carpenter and joiner and the money I earned through that, allowed me the time to give again until that ran out. I have been away for the public eye for many years now, continuing my own search and seeking of Higher Truth, and my Soul is calling once again to become more public again and to give of my time, knowledge and energy for the benefit of others, so any loving donations or gratuities, exchanges of energy, no matter how small, will be gratefully received. These will then allow me to continue to both share and facilitate those whom seek new experiences in their lives, through the receipt of greater consciousness awareness. There is absolutely no obligation to donate whatsoever, because for me there is no judgement here. I shall not limit or restrict what I give or share, the only governing aspect shall be the availability of funds to expand upon my plans for sharing and any limitations of time that I personally face.

There is a PayPal link provided here for anyone who would feel they would like to make a contribution. Thanking you in Advance, Bless you for your generosity!

PayPal Link for Donations and Gratuities

Divine Love and Light - Peter